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Jet Airways

About Jet Airways

With its primary hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Jet Airways is the second major Mumbai-based airline, after Air India, in terms of passenger carried and market share. The airline has its secondary hubs at Delhi, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune, and an international hub at Belgium. It operates around 1000 flights every day across its extensive network of 49 domestic and 20 international destinations spread over Asia, Europe and North America. Jet Airways was incepted as an air taxi operator, but in 1993, it commenced its commercial operations with four Boeing 737-300 aircraft in its fleet. In January 1995, the carrier was repositioned as a full-service scheduled airline by Naresh Goyal ? the owner of Jetair (Private) Limited. Since then, the airline has come a really long way to offering Jet Airways flights to India and 18 other countries across the globe; whilst, becoming the fastest growing airlines worldwide. For expanding its reach over international skies, Jet Airways signed codeshare agreement with numerous airlines including Qantas, Air Canada, KLM, Brussels Airlines and Etihad Airways. Furthermore, it became Interline partners with over 140 airlines, 96 being Interline eTicketing partners, to electronically sell its air tickets to India and other parts of the world on each others' portal. Owing to its services, Jet Airways has won many prestigious awards over the years.

Jet Airways Destination & Services

Since its first flight in 1993, Jet Airways has expanded its operations to 48 cities in India and 20 abroad. Besides serving Asian and European destinations, the airline operates US to India flights from three airports ? JFK International Airport in New York, Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark and San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco. Jet Airways cheap air tickets to India can be availed from other parts of US as well, since the airline is codeshare partners with US-based carriers like American Airlines and United Airlines. Passengers flying from US to India with Jet Airways must know that there is no fee for baggage up to a certain permissible weight and quantity. However, they are expected to pay Jet Airways baggage allowance of USD 150 per piece for every overweight (over 23 kg and less than 32 kg) or oversized luggage and USD 200 for each extra piece. In addition, they are permitted to carry 2 pieces of cabin baggage on board, with each piece weighing not more than 7 kg. For US fliers, Jet Airways fares to India vary according to the route and the class of service. In its international long-haul flights, the carrier gives an option of First, Première (Business) and Economy Class to its passengers. Besides free meals, fliers can enjoy other in-flight facilities, such as JetScreen entertainment system, JetWings magazine, JetMall shopping catalog and much more.

Jet Airways Booking Online

Jet Airways flight reservation from US to India can be done online through the Yatra website, which offers the best deals and lowest air fares. This portal allows passengers to search through different flight schedules and charges and plan the itinerary accordingly. In addition to online booking, travelers also have the option to monitor flight status and check-in through web or phone. For the best Jet Airways deals, keep a tab on daily updates published online.

Fleet Offering Fantastic Performance

Jet Airways is the proud owner of one of the world's youngest fleets, comprising a total of 100 aircraft. These include 10 Airbus A330-200, 4 Airbus 330-300, 15 ATR 72-500 and 2 ATR 72-600. Moreover, it has 6 Boeing 737-700, 49 Boeing 737-800, 2 Boeing 737-900, 2 Boeing 737-900ER and 10 Boeing 777-300ER.

Welcome to the experience of fast and accurate flight search and booking at Yatra.com. Be it domestic or international flights, you do not have to run through a myriad of online flight booking sites to search and book air tickets anymore. Yatra.com provides you the facility to book tickets on all airlines of India and major airlines of the world. Air ticket booking on Yatra.com can also fetch you amazing discounts and favourable deals.